Photographer shows the beauty of Bahia through the black community

Black Women Of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: These are the sorts of projects that we absolutely adore! Anyone who has ever been to the northeastern state of Bahia was surely captivated by the natural beauty of the region as well as its beautiful Afro-Brazilian population. As any reader who has spent any time checking out this blog can attest to, Brazil as a whole has a problem expressing pride, appreciation and respect for its population that is descended from Africa brought to the nation that would later become known as Brazil. And its a shame. Brazilians love to speak of the diversity of its people but insists on showing only those whose physical attributes most closely resemble that of Europeans. More projects such as the one below are necessary because if the people don’t do the work themselves, Brazil has repeatedly shown that it won’t!


Photographer shows the beauty of Bahia…

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