Lamb with jellyfish gene ‘deliberately sent to abattoir’ in France

glowing green jelly fish lamb chops on the house

Le Parisien newspaper reported that the animal’s mother was a sheep called Emeraude whose DNA had been modified to include a jellyfish gene called Green Fluorescent Protein by researchers at the National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA) in Paris. Her lamb, Rubis, was born with the gene in the spring of 2014. Although produced for research purposes, Rubis was allegedly deliberately mixed with several other lambs that had not been genetically modified and sent to an abattoir.

The president of the INRA, Benoît Malpaux, described the apparently “malicious act” as unacceptable, but was quick to reassure the public that there was no risk to humans. “The consumption of this meat presents no risk for the health for the consumer,” he said. “We are sure that individual acts that are unacceptable were committed … followed by a chain of errors and responsibilities within the hierarchy.”


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