University of Guyana denial of gang rape rather suspicious

on feb 27 Guyana Chronicle carried a most disturbing story of a gang rape at the university of guyana

Student allegedly gang-raped on UG campus
By Akola Thompson
AN unidentified female student of the University of Guyana was on Friday allegedly drugged and gang-raped by a group of male students.
According to reports, after the perpetrators had finished with their victim, they escorted her to the campus medic where she was treated for injuries she sustained from the assault.

today in a most bizarre two paragraph missive the university is denying the woman was gang raped as alleged. stating that she was diagnosed as being intoxicated by the university’s capable medical personnel. 

in other words, the capable medical personnel are not to be questioned

Investigations by the University of Guyana Administration have not revealed any basis to conclude or suspect that she was sexually assaulted as alleged,” the publicly-funded tertiary institution said in a statement.

knowing everything i know about dis scuntry and u.g. i have good reason to believe a gang rape did take place. and will continue to believe so until proven otherwise. this UG press release is absolute rubbish. not that the original story was hard hitting journalism, but i dont believe UG or its capable medical personnel


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