the oscars & the powers of white supremacy & deception

the devil is real
and he has done a number on the African mind
caught this on runuko rashidi’s page and decided to do some checking about the place

am not at all surprised by this as even the good book says what?
there is nothing nothing new under the sun

Ecclesiastes 1:9 King James Version
The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

whole lotta folks call themselves Christians and finding time to read everything else but the bible
they could tell you what’s rihanna’s horrorscope for next week tuesday fuh sure
the devil has a long history of stealing what’s yours
erasing it from your mind
bring it back as his and make you long for it
as if it was his from the beginning
and you will kill for it
right jada pinkett?

what you don’t know can kill you
other than oscar the golden boy, can you identify any of these African images?

the copyright image of academy awards just happen to be ‘oscar’ in a pyramid
sheer coincidence
going by their mythology in 1928 a guy named cedric gibbons who was mgm artistic director wanted to make a trophy
someone eventually referred him to a mexican actor and director dude in hollywood name Emilio Fernandez
Emilio was a bit reluctant at first but someone convinced him to take off his shirt
he posed
and the rest is oscar
you would have to be completely brain dead to even begin to believe such bullshit

18th - 19th century antique Ashanti gold weighthere’s another classic rework of history right before your eyes you missed. am sure you’ve seen hitler’s swastika right but have you even seen the gold dust weight of the ashanti/akan people?
probably not
the germans occupied an area in what is now togo from 1884 to 1914
6 years later the swastika was ‘invented‘ by adolph hitler and the rest is what?
history [good info to be had at knowledge of self]
surely hitler must have pulled that symbol out of this air, just as cedric dreamed up a mexican dude posing for a trophy.
he speaks of it in mein kampf

“As National Socialists, we see our program in our flag. In red, we see the social idea of the movement; in white, the nationalistic idea; in the swastika, the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man, and, by the same token, the victory of the idea of creative work.”

is it possible that german inspiration for the swastika came from india across the ocean occupied by the british and not togo occupied by the germans? i think not
the india connection mentioned by hitler and latched on to by the germans is more palatable to them as european scholars had already churned out volumes of foolishness and pseudo science about the noble Aryan

it would be blasphemous of me to blame the jews & others who control hollyweird, american tv & music industry of destroying everything African in their make believe world
or of drip feeding the world poison via the flatscreen

osirus is reborn at dawn of the fifth day and the crown of ma’at is placed on his head
truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice
even if they give you 100 oscars you will never be balanced
you will not know truth
order and law will elude you
forget about justice and you will be ruled by immorality
the oscars are bullshit and that’s the honest truth

run tell dat


7 thoughts on “the oscars & the powers of white supremacy & deception

    1. @taj-akoben you’re most welcome
      the same way we’re told Moses was born in Egypt lived all dem years in Egypt and miraculously received the ten commandments from god on Mount Sinai
      he of course had never heard of the 40 negative confessions while living in egypt!
      professor yosef ben jochannan has an excellent speech somewhere in youtubeland

      1. When I studies Fine Arts at the University of Guyana-E.H. Gombrich in his book ‘Art and Illusion’ states, that all art owes more to other art than to direct observation; so this doesn’t surprise me. They stole OurStory and it is in place sight, but mental slavery has blinded so many of us that in an age of information we are still clueless and ‘dumb-down’ To this day when you tell some people that the picture of Jesus they worship is simply a representation of Michelangelo grandfather they look at you like you are crazy. Question everything people, read and research for yourself the information is out there.

  1. It took almost 30 years for me to wake up from the superficial coma of mainstream society. I’m so glad there are people who continue to research, explore, discover, write and share their knowledge of our motherland & our ancestors, so that the rest of us can wake up & pass that info to our families & friends. We must always continue to seek knowledge & not accept fiction for truth. These Mutant Albinos are relentless in hijacking our culture & leading the world to believe we are of no value & are savages that are unworthy of glorification & have not contributed anything to society, when the reality is we are the originators of civilization & if not for us they would have no society. Thank you family for keeping the torch lit so that others can also follow your path of cultural wisdom.

  2. Did any body see the advertisement for that BS movie Gods of Egypt? How do they continue to get away with such treacherous, blatant & vile distortions of our culture?

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