Guyana Empowered Peoples’ Action Network

am betting big
this is a ppp front organisation pimping amerindian$ for political gain

Anna Correia, Founder, President
Vaniessa Granville, Vice President
Don Stoll Morales, Secretary
Nandanie Jerry, Treasurer

100% women executive! not bad. not baaad!
go to the site and click on women’s rights and see what you get. i already did. see above

don stoll morales is donna stoll who i think is the person who started the facebook page amerindian
the ppp is known to abuse, rape and discard women so it should come as no surprise that a group of amerindian women working for their ppp masters wont give a shit about women

they will hoot and holler they non-partisan like their pal and top secret ngo overseer peter persaud of TAAMOOG. i cant remember what the hell that thing means

pimpin’ ain easy


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