The Palestinians Who Are Changing the Face of Fashion

Palestine Square | ميدان فلسـطيـن


Vogue Arabia has called it the “Middle East’s most ethnically-inspired fashion.” Vogue UK gushed that it’s the “holiday treasure to wear right now.” They were talking about Dubai-based Mochi — some admirers call it Mo’Chic — the fashion brainchild of Palestinian designer Ayah Tabari.

High fashion has often come under attack for appropriating ethnic designs for the sole purpose of meeting their bottom line. But Tabari has a different approach, one that is rooted in respect for cultural heritage and local practices. Mochi works to revive the art of hand-embroidery. Each collection pays homage to a country that mesmerized Tabari during her travels. Inspiration can be all too fleeting, but Tabari and her team take the time to learn about the specific histories and local practices of different embroidery traditions, collaborating with local women artists to produce each collection. Mochi thus helps sustain a traditional form of fashion that…

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