The Forgotten Story Of The Women Behind The British Black Panthers

BB: So [I know] you’re going to ask me about Beyoncé, let me tell you first of all, I have zero interest in Beyoncé. I don’t kinda pretend to have an interest in her, I looked at the video you were talking about, it was Formation right? There was a link from an older American man, probably someone who was from the Panthers, the phrase he said I liked was being a black panther was not about being cool and hip it really was people who put their life on the line, some people died in order to make a point for racial and social justice.


McIntosh County Shouters: Gullah-Geechee Ring Shout from Georgia

The McIntosh County Shouters is a ten-member Gullah-Geechee group that began performing professionally in 1980. They have educated and entertained audiences around the United States with the “ring shout,” a compelling fusion of counterclockwise dance-like movement, call-and-response singing, and percussion consisting of hand claps and a stick beating the rhythm on a wooden floor. African in its origins, the ring shout affirms oneness with the Spirit and ancestors as well as community cohesiveness. The ring shout was first described in detail during the Civil War by outside observers in coastal regions of South Carolina and Georgia. Its practice continued well into the 20th Century, even as its influence was resounding in later forms like spiritual, jubilee, gospel and jazz. Continue reading “McIntosh County Shouters: Gullah-Geechee Ring Shout from Georgia”

List of Black owned banks in America #bankblack

all you hear of MLK is i have a dream
do you know he reminded African Americans in Memphis to boycott coca cola, big banks, insurance companies and support Black owned businesses?
the next day he was assassinated

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  1. Citizen Trust Bank – ALABAMA & GEORGIA
    75 Piedmont Ave
    Atlanta, GA 30303
    1-888.214.3099 | 678.406.4000
    Since our beginning in 1921, the world in which we conduct business has changed dramatically. We are proud to celebrate 95 strong years of service to our customers and our community. Ninety-five years ago, Citizens Trust Bank opened its doors as a pillar in its community and a catalyst for financial empowerment and well-being for all.
    Our mission was simple:
    ››To promote financial stability,
    ››To promote business growth and development,
    ››To stress the principles of thrift, and
    ››To expand access to home ownership.
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