start eating purple @rareseeds #anthocyanin

excellent piece by shannon mccabe @rareseeds read it
oth my high schools were purple, but that’s irrelevant
right president’s college & central islip people? 🙂

America’s industrial food system has waged war on our most fundamental means of nourishing ourselves. Vegetables once celebrated for their nutritional content have been stripped of their superfood status and reduced to merely a flavorless vessel for pesticides. Supermarket produce aisles are bursting at the seams with these sad vestiges of a war waged on healthy produce. Factory farming has robbed the people of their most basic and affordable medicine: healthy food. For thousands of years, humans have harnessed the nutritional powers of food to prevent and cure disease. America’s food oligarchy is bent on high yields and pesticide resistance with a blatant disregard for nutritional content. Grow your own nutrient-dense, heirloom vegetables, or seek them out at the farmers’ market; it will be the most rewarding act of treason imaginable. Continue reading “start eating purple @rareseeds #anthocyanin”


list of african american owned grocery stores growing

y’all notice the list of stores growing? 🙂
more options to choose from

Mandela’s Food Coop
1430 7th Street
Oakland CA 94607
Tel: (510) 452-1133