English Does Mash Up Plenty Guyana People

‪by now you should know this
Guyana English is mash up business‬
put pen and paper in people hand or a smarty phone and you realise english is hardly we

‪”my little angle child”‬
‪”this event is for a good cost”‬
‪”I ant receive nothing”‬

sometimes i be chillin with my people and i might say like, let me have one of those
gimme one uh dem ting yuh gah deh
oh! is wuh yuh bin seh before
oh i been singing a song ah hear lass nite

women sensitive bout they language and real or imagined sarcastic

i is not dem low clause type women you know
i dont celebrate clause. what clause type women you be though?
you mekkin muck off uh me?
you look clean to me though
you eyes pass me you know. when you see me yuh hear me? when you see me doan see me
i beg your forgiveness

you could give a nice presentation self patting on back and all
and during the after presentation mingle a little lady approach you and go
you sounded nice and fancy wid yuh big hinglish an all but do someting fuh meh right. tell meh is wuh yuh bin sayin. you sound good but i ent andastan is wuh yuh seh


Guyana to English : Saturday is during the week

dis Guyana to English moment brought to you by during the week
ring ring
am calling a business
long ringing waiting waiting waiting
i click off as they answer
ring ring
they callin me back
is a business with primary contact by cellie
hi mornibg happy new year. ah was jus gon call yuh back
hi wuh yuh waan
mary i want buy some of your stuff
yuh waan do me wuh?
ah waan buy some of your stuff
mary voice dont sound like mary
hold on. mary mary ah got a man pon de phone seh he waan buy some uh yuh stuff
she got fuh sell
ye she gon sell yuh
when ah could come far it?
she seh come during the week and she gon fix yuh up
wuh day she waan me come?
during de week
during de week wuh day?
mary he waan kno wuh day he mus come
slight pause
she seh saturday
durin the week saturday?
yea saturday
arite. tell she ah lookin forward to it
eh heh she seh yea
ok yea. bah-bye

‘aiminh’ high, Guyana Times shooting down english

from what i understand newspapers have editors and proof readers and publishing software come with spell check and auto correct
but as a chap i know does say ah guyana we deh
guyana to english is back with a vengin

guyana times last checked in with soar

Seized vehicles removed from CID Headquarters
For several years were an soar!

fly or rise high in the air.
“the bird spread its wings and soared into the air”

gerund or present participle: aiming
point or direct (a weapon or camera) at a target.

line em up an shoot dem down guyana times
bang bang

Guyana to english – guyana times is “an soar”

This is the last paragraph of a short 6 paragraph story Seized vehicles removed from CID Headquarters
For several years were an soar! 
grip tenacious language guyana official english slackens
eye has nutten mores too seh aboot it. soar on
as the gringos would say am jus gonna leave this one out there