5 guyana govt ministers visit exxon mobil head quarters to “talk”

A release from the Ministry of Natural Resources yesterday said that on August 10 and 11, 2017, Ministers Carl Greenidge, Raphael Trotman, Winston Jordan, David Patterson and Dominic Gaskin, together with Presidential Advisor, Dr. Jan Mangal, and Technical Officers, Teresa Gaime and Kiran Mattai, of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Guyana Energy Agency respectively, participated in meetings and briefings with officials of ExxonMobil Develop-ment Co. and ExxonMobil Gas and Power Marketing Co. at the company’s Campus in Houston, Texas, USA.


Exxon Asks: Is Guyana A 10 Billion Barrel Play?

During Exxon’s Q2 conference call management commented;

“This development is expected to cost $4.4 billion, resulting in a unit development cost of less than $10 per barrel and a projected double-digit return, even in a flat $40 per barrel price environment. The combination of high resource quality and proven execution capabilities applied in today’s lower-cost environment positions Liza for success.”

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Guyana Visual Arts Competition and Exhibition prize results


First prize: Stanley Greaves

Second prize: Desmond Ali

Third prize: Nigel Butler


Betsy Karim

Elodie Cage-Smith


First prize: Compton Babb

Second prize: Walter Gobin

Third prize: Stephen Smith


Dominique Hunter

Odessa Carmichael


First prize: Oswald Hussein

Second prize: Ras Iah

Third prize: Kenneth Nelson


Stanley Greaves

Desmond Ali


First prize: Vandyke David

Second prize: Andrew Sampson

Third prize: Staffon Williams


Nicolas Young

Dawne Isaacs

Fine Craft

First prize: Michael Khan

Second prize: Carol Fraser

Third prize: Winston Strick


Winston Alexander

Tracy Greene-Douglas


First prize: Nikhil Ramkarran

Second prize: Aisha Jones

Third prize: Michael Lam


Jermana De Freitas

Keno George

Promise Award

Laron Gulliver

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Names of Haitian Nationals currently illegally detained by the Guyana government

Limat Naomi Cherubin
Jeannot Simeon
Guirand Dafeline
(Blondina Julien 11, Sandine Jerome 10)
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Minister Cathy Hughes sitting on her hands – Jinnah Rahman #guyana

Even, after the President Granger appointed a SPECIAL Minister to sort out our main telecommunications and internet systems – citizens have not felt that dramatic shift that is necessary in the interest of customers and the economic development of Guyana – as whole.
GT&T has held the MONOPOLY of this country’s telecommunication system since 1990 – when the PNC government under Desmond Hoyte sold our assets to foreign companies, in an effort to salvage the economy after the death of Forbes Burnham.
Minister Cathy Hughes, an AFC executive member, has done very little to revolutionise the telecommunications system in Guyana – bringing it into the 21st, century. All we see – is her pretty face and lots of hot air, making us all look like fools. GT&T has carried her in “circles”. One has to ask : “how involved she may be in trying to deal with that company’s control of our communication system”? Continue reading “Minister Cathy Hughes sitting on her hands – Jinnah Rahman #guyana”

Bharrat Jagdeo is not above the law – Jinnah Rahman

Jagdeo operated – not like a dignified President of Guyana, and that is why he believes that the current President, HE David Arthur Granger, is operating like him – a trickster and a “master at conspiracy theories”.

Granger is upright, he has no personal acts to grind. No one can accuse him of corruption, but there are questions about his sloth in taking actions against corruption, indolence and incompetence, which he has now begin to work on.

Mr. Harmon, the official spokesperson of the government, has outlined recently that the government will stamp out all forms laziness in the Public service and there will ACCOUNTABILITY at all levels of government. Continue reading “Bharrat Jagdeo is not above the law – Jinnah Rahman”