Names of Haitian Nationals currently illegally detained by the Guyana government

Limat Naomi Cherubin
Jeannot Simeon
Guirand Dafeline
(Blondina Julien 11, Sandine Jerome 10)
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Guyana govt have Haitian migrants under armed police guard

tonight i witnessed a most horrific spectacle
i’ve been trying for a while now to meet the haitian migrants detained by the guyana govt
what most people dont know is that while being a member of caricom haitians need visas to enter EVERY caricom territory
i was fortunate to get to the gate of the night shelter where the govt is holding i think 10 haitian nationals
they’ve already made plans to deport 14-20 women and children tomor
the security guard was hostile as soon as we entered Continue reading “Guyana govt have Haitian migrants under armed police guard”

Haitians must have free movement in CARICOM – Jinnah Rahman

The Haitians are regarded as – essentially – members of the Caribbean family and they should be able to move freely across other Caribbean nation – Guyana being one of them – without fear or any form of restrictions.
To understand this situation, we must hark back to the recent past where most Guyanese were targets by other Caribbean countries, particularly Trinidad and Tobago. The governments – not the people of these Islands – were very hostile to the ordinary Guyanese person seeking a better life – due to the perpetual economic crisis that Guyana faced over the last 40 years -based on a whole raft of factors – international and national crises.
The Trinidadian regimes, under the Peoples National Movement, PNM, and the Basdeo Panday governments have made “hell” for the Guyanese Traveller when he or she entered the port of entry – whether as an intransit passenger or someone going on a holiday, seeking work or visiting friends or relatives.
Barbados was no different – they treated Guyanese with utter contempt and disrespect, as if to make the point that “you are a suspect of potentially committing a crime, unless you prove not guilty”.
The Trinis are now “catching their asses” and are heading to Guyana – even the those – like the most notorious CLICO – want to invest here. The motive is exploitative – especially at a time when there is little hope of transforming it’s economy. The TT government is desperately seeking to refine Guyana’s latent Oil treasure, BUT not as an equal Partner, but as another foreign exploiter, like ExxonMobil.
The Trinidadian elite class- (capitalist class – the Indian and Afro-Saxons) – have brutally exploited the Guyanese workers – especially our females, who go their as domestic servants – most of them are forced to integrate into the Trinidad – and eventually speaking the Trini lingo – making them “fit to live as converted Trinidadians” !
None of the TT governments in the past – this one is no better – wants CARICOM to work – the main element, of course, has to be “Free movement of Labour and capital”. The integration process was never implemented in its entirety – as it operates in the Benelux countries.

There are no border restrictions.
The citizens of those 3 European countries – Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg – cross over borders without a passport – not recognising when they leave on State and entering the other. Guyanese have had no Capital to invest in TT and so of us, we were subjected to a highly uncivilized examination.

Our Coalition government, guided by our illustrious Minister of the Environment, Raphael Trotman, must be EXTREMELY careful when in deal with the incumbent TT government, which is in dire economic straits and is desperately looking to resolve it’s economic woes – in an economy that is wholly based on Oil and gas.
The Guyanese people – the ordinary folks – must not be robbed of our natural resources in “bright daylight” ! Every agreement must be made public and there must not be ANY SECRECY CLAUSES in any of the contracts or agreements signed between any foreign entity – governments, private individuals or companies.
CARICOM must be made to work, as set out in the conventions – for all member states. Trinidad did not share its oil wealth with Guyanese nation. In fact, they denied us of their “Black gold”. They could have done what Hugo Chavez had done under the Petrocaribe deal, which would have helped Guyana at the time of grave economic and social crisis.
Guyana is emerging as a leading force in the Caribbean and South America in the field of energy production – not only in oil and gas – but in the area of natural forms of energy – solar, wind and biofuel. Our vast land space – with a very small population – should allow us to bring down “heaven on earth” – making every Guyanese a middle class citizen.
The transportation and communication links between our neighbouring countries will strengthen our scope for all forms of development – if the correct methods of economic and technical approaches are used. Agriculture has been TOTALLY neglected by Minister Noel Holder – the ALLIANCE FOR CHANGE – choice for the Minister of Agriculture.
Holder is a VISIONLESS and INDOLENT individual – who is engaged in LIVESTOCK initiatives, which he claims to have knowledge. But the record proves to be different – that project, LIDQUO, went into BANKRUPTCY – when he was in charge under the Forbes Burnham regime.
Our Haitians sisters and brothers must not be inhibited by racist prejudices, as is being played out in social media by elements connected to the PPP. The Haitians must be welcomed and allowed to work and move around the country – lending us their French language, culture and skills for the betterment of themselves and Guyana. Let us welcome those who have been exploited and oppressed, since the days of enslavement – until today



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Needed but Unwanted: Haitians in the Dominican Republic

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