Dear America, please hurry up & make Donald trump your president 

You guys had George Bush why not give Donald a shot too? Hurry up and make it happen. He doesn’t like half breeds! 

He’s right in line with his German ancestor adolph. Vote for Trump America.  


dear black people, Sandra Bland ‘hung herself’ with a plastic garbage bag

Sandra bland was pulled over for not signaling changing lanes by a man from another police dept. for racismo!
totally unrelated: waller county texas set records for lynching black people back in the day.
I guess it’s not too far fetched to believe that an educated black woman with a dgree in agri science, an activist etc headed to her new job to her alma mattr would hang herself with a garbage bag after being arrested for not signaling.
uh huh. nice fairy tale

black people, get real. America is dangerous for your well being
even with your bomber in the white house
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Farewell to America by @garyyounge – the Devil Is Real Y’all

  black correspondent gary younge of the guardian is quite happy, sad and relieved to be going home to england after 12 years on the battle fields of america
freedumb is priceless. check this shiz out. i mean, not dat you dont know american terrorism is real

The precise alchemy that makes one particular death politically totemic while others go unmourned beyond their families and communities is not quite clear. Video helps, but is not essential. Some footage of cops rolling up like death squads and effectively executing people who posed no real threat has barely pricked the popular imagination. When the authorities fail to heed community outrage, or substantively investigate, let alone discipline, the police, the situation can become explosive. An underlying, ongoing tension between authorities and those being policed has been a factor in some cases. So, we do not know quite why his death will capture the political imagination in a way that others will not.

But we do know, with gruesome certainty, that his number will come up – that one day he will be slain in cold blood by a policeman (once again it probably will be a man) who is supposed to protect him and his community. We know this because it is statistically inevitable and has historical precedent. We know this because we have seen it happen again and again. We know this because this is not just how America works; it is how America was built. Like a hurricane, we know it is coming – we just do not yet know where or when or how much damage it will do.