new orleans flashback – dinnner time

first meal in new orleans
first meal in new orleans back in the days

coco robicheaux – apple bar frenchman st new orleans

the last time i was here [don’t quite recall exactly] but it was 8 months or so after the storm [lady katrina] and i was wandering here and there on frenchman street and stumbled into the apple bar [it sounds like a lot of wandering but actually all my wanderings took place in a two block stretch] but anyhoo i went into the apple and coco and his band were playing some mean ‘ole blues and it was strange because the place still had mud and dirt inside and the guitar player was barefoot and in a torn up camouflage shorts but i was lovely. we all drank a lot, especially the locals who’d were still coming down from post katrina syndrome.
fast forward two years am back on frenchman and stepped into the apple and who’s playing? ole coco robicheaux! later on a smoke break i realised the guy actually remembered me from the few times i ducked in and out of apple bar. that all took place in one night, so i was quite shocked he remembered me. anyway i am rambling geeze. more some other time