Daily Dozen β€” Photos β€” National Geographic Your Shot

i just discovered this great source of fotos from all ova de worl’
haven’t seen none from Guyana yet but … πŸ™‚
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Source: Daily Dozen β€” Photos β€” National Geographic Your Shot


Mast Brothers the Milli Vanilli of chocolate

this is funny stuff. am not a big chocolate fan but this is some nice nice chocolate detective work by a guy name scott down in dallas texas. check it out here. a four part series uncovering chocolate fraud πŸ™‚

Week after week, one wholesale account was ordering more than double what the Masts could have possibly produced from the bean with the equipment they had, even with improbably charitable assumptions; yet the Masts’ web page at the time showed that they had at least fifteen wholesale accounts that Christmas season.

and how about this for coincidence
mast brothers brought down a choclate business they accused of fraudulent practices at the beginning of their star trek.