The Board of Central Housing & Planning Authority is guided by information #guyana

former minister of housing ifaan ali addressing the press next to a pile of cow dung
former minister of housing ifaan ali addressing the press next to a pile of cow dung in front of his flag ship housing project

this letter should be published unedited by your favourite newspaper anyday now 🙂
the photo above shows then minister of housing and water irfaan ali giving prime miniser ralph gonsalves of st lucia a tour of his greatest achievement. september 2013. lowball to the end, he saw nothing shameful taking a head of state to inspect this disaster. these “homes” were built without a bridge to cross the trench. the pieces of wood over the water were placed there by the homeowner. price tag for a poorly built 20 x 30 flat house full of defects$4.9 million. with over a billion dollars spent, less than 60 of these ‘homes’ were completed!

A number of things are out in the public domain in relation to the Board of the Central Housing and Planning Authority. Unfortunately a lot of this information is totally inaccurate and dangerously misleading.
The Board made a mis-step in not appointing someone to deal with public relations but this is being remedied. While this is not an official statement of the Board, I think I can say that these views are shared by all members. Continue reading “The Board of Central Housing & Planning Authority is guided by information #guyana”


today in Guyana – mark jacobs deh pon scunt

a man tell a man I know who tell me de man seh doan worry wide he he got he own agenda the man who tell me say he axe the man, wuh is the man agenda? to which he received 

ah tellin yuh he got he own agenda. he deh pon scunt.

while pursuing my agenda of scunt today I ducked into a place to reflect on said agenda and catch my breath

hello morning are you here for this that and such?
no i jus came off the road to get a cup of coffee. how much is it? (
i’ve got $500 in my pocket to splurge. 500 = $2.50us non guyanese)

so you are not eating?
no i jus want a cup of coffee
ok. well take it
take the coffee and make yourself comfortable

note to self: always listen to women, if and when you feel like 🙂

she looked at me and smiled
i was puzzled but i loved the fact that she took a command decision and gave away the people’s coffee
she went about setting tables and places
i thought of my agenda and poured a nice cup of free coffee

don’t ask for the name of the place cause I ain tellin
all uh we got we own luck as they say

we exchanged pleasantries out the door as i rushed off to implement a portion of my scunt i jus thought about
aka my agenda

a woman friend of a friend asked me how many children i have
i said zero
she asked again and gave me that look
zero is still the magic number
not sure what her agenda be but mine remains the same

if Guyana got 50 more people like the lady who give way the boss coffee we be free by noon Saturday

I could see her leading a batallion against the enemy on that long march to freedom

Kwame Ture says our job is not to make the unconscious conscious but to make them conscious of their unconscious behaviour. 

i saw courtney crum-ewing family today
thursday something will happen in the court house regarding the man they say had the gun that kill courtney
the police have their agenda but it’s not for me to label it
one pulled me over today
i asked him what the scunt for but in more diplomatic terms
he made up a crime
i asked him what it meant
he said something else i didnt understand
they gave me a date at court 7 august 30
i’ve missed at least five previoys dates with the police in court
not counting the ones where they changed their minds about me

as crum-ewing family await justice the police pursuing anil nandlall’s agenda
to call that scunt would upset the powers that be

do something different in the name of social cohesion

Female Employees Picking Up Diseases In Qualfon Guyana Toilets!

  i know i just read this right but i mean is like fucking wow qualfon and please learn to revolt guyanese. Call centres are bullshit jobs that add zero to the society. Mostly women sitting around solving people in other country problems. Ppp mobsters only in march were fettin qualfon for opening another glorified slave labour camp. Read the whole story and catalogue the labour violations. 25 minute lunch and two toilets for 1200 people.

Down with these foreign plunderers and exploiters and the local negroids who help them. This form of gangster capitalism will kill you. Revolt againt it whereever it exists.

Sweep dem clean simona broomes

Among the issues raised were junior staff being allotted a 25-minute lunch break by the company. This the minister (simona broomes) cited to be a breach of the laws of Guyana, which stipulate an hour for lunch in the Labour Act. Staff members also expressed dissatisfaction with the meals prepared by the canteen and the behaviour of its staff. They criticized the fact that there are just two washrooms, which are inadequate for a staff of 1,200 employees and that there is scheduling of their bathroom breaks. More so, the women spoke of contracting infections from the washrooms.

Safety has been abolished in suicide country #guyana

I’ve witten a few times about safety in suicide scuntry. It most certainly has been abolished the way these proles carry on
riding bicycles on the wrong side of the road
walking three, four, five and six abreast
driving like lunatics on crowded streets
par for the course
doing dangerous shit that can kill themselves or many others
a national past time

a few moons ago i looked across the fence after hearing an engine roaring on the roof next door
strange place for an engine to be
up on the roof a young man was balancing a power washer on the highest point of the house, cleaning
i had no business down the road
but just so i wasnt on the scene if and when he came crashing down that roof i quickly dressed and ran down the road

a few days ago i was at the grorgetown hospital
remember that word, hospital
opposite the hospital they were tearing down a multiple story concrete building with jack hammers and sledge
there is no mesh or anything to contain flying concrete, dust or particles
i dont know how long the building been there. maybe it has asbestos in it
but there in the middle of the day opposite the hospital a few blokes were busy tearing it down
two pieces of card board had two warnings

men working above a
nd no parking
as if to reinforce the fact that guyanese are mad and suicidal two cars parked right up to each sign as the destruction went on

when madness takes over
it really does
and dis scuntry is 83000 square miles asylum

I don’t want to be like you people!  screamed the deportee…And I echo his sentiments

Run tell dat