Georgetown City Councillor workers extorting $200/hr “parking fees”

I rolled up on two women fidgeting about the parking area outside muneshwar on water street

I immediately thought some hustle or racket must be going down here just by the way they were moving and looking at me

One had a wad of cash in her hand and looks like they were counting it when I rolled up on them

Two forty something black women identically dressed in a yellow dress shuffling about looking suspiciously to me

I reversed into the spot facing the police outpost. You never know when you might need a guyana police officer of the flaw

After park I play back a noise my ear picked up as I slowly rolled pass them big bai, parking is $200 ah hour.


Georgetown got paid parking and me ain kno bout it?! Oh rass!!!! And 200 a hour too. Just like the old days of failed parking meter racketeering.

I waiting pon somebody in de post office so me ain coming out de car

Right in front of me the two ladies do a money transaction and one jump in a white car that been deh the whole time

De one in de car see me and look lil nervous cause she know I watching dem de whole time.

She seh something to de other one the car pull off and she waltz ova to me

rasta yuh gon deal wid me now. 200

Parking is 200 a hour?


Since when?

Is 200

How much is half hour?


Ok I gon deh hey ten minutes how much is duh?


Ten minutes is 200?

Yes pass up de money

Who you wukkin wid?

City Council

Y’all got paid parking?


Here wuh I can’t pay you 200 for ten minutes parking

Well yuh gon gah move den

I gah move

Yea man move cause other people gon come and pay

I looked at her

I looked at that constable way in the distance mucking about in the outpost and looked at her again

I thought about the last time I was arrested

the rumble, the flare up the bogus charge and the drop charge

I thought I could take her and that constable in a royal rumble right here right now

Something seh mark park this car and jump out and have a proper conversation wid dis two bit hussla

I wondered if she was one who ain get pay as the mayor the king and gang fuck about fouzho china

I thought of 5 million reasons some motherfuckers jus gotta die & not necessarily now & by me but now could be fine

I remembered I had a lady with a package at the post office and I gotta pick her back up

This was about the fifth trip to retrieve it and I didn’t even have a violent confrontation over postal efficiency

I looked at city hall extortionist one last time, the constable mucking about in the outpost and rolled on down the road

The young lady was smiling

She got the package

I faked a smile & admired her dress


If your education doesn’t prepare you to seize power it’s useless #guyana

The ultimate thing is you cannot have faith in laws and things of this nature. You ultimately have to have power. Real power. And to a good extent education have to be about that. Preparing a people and setting a people up to have real power so that they can protect their biological and other interest in times of stress. if it doesn’t do that then you haven’t had a sound education.
Amos N. Wilson | The Context of Black Education: European Constants and Conservatism

bharrat jagdeo & the ppp still capturing & branding slaves in Guyana

this slavery business ain easy

we end up believing the people who lie to us the most. the very group that has lied to you, rewritten history, enslaved your parents has eaten you up economically in every kind of way is the very group you go to to validate reality. and to validate what is real, and to validate what is true. and you’re foolish enough to think that they are the ultimate validators of what is real and you’re foolish enough to think that they are going to give you a definition that is going to get you out of your misery.
Amos N. Wilson | The Context of Black Education: European Constants and Conservatism

2017 Black Farmers & Urban Gardeners National Conference

Black Urban Growers
Friday, November 10, 2017 at 10:00 AM – Sunday, November 12, 2017 at 1:00 PM (EST)
Atlanta, GA


Black Urban Growers (BUGs) and our partners are pleased to present the 7th Annual Black Farmers & Urban Gardeners (BUGS) Conference, convening urban and rural farmers, students, chefs, food product makers, herbalists, nutritionists, consumers, policy makers, educators, activists and organizations from across the country! Rooted and Rising: Black Southern Land Legacies of Resistance & Resilience is the theme of this year’s conference. Continue reading “2017 Black Farmers & Urban Gardeners National Conference”

I told City Hall’s Legal Affairs Committee to refer sex assault case to DPP

I told City Hall’s Legal Affairs Committee to refer this sex assault case to the DPP
Nov 05, 2017

Dear Editor,
Please grant me the space in your publication to clear up a misconception that the public may have regarding the sordid situation at City Hall involving a rank of the City Constabulary and a minor.
I fear that my good name will be impugned if I fail to let the public know my stance in this matter..
First of all let me state that I am not a member of the Legal Affairs Committee, but like all other Councillors, I have the right to attend any of the various Committee meetings including the Legal affairs.
I should also add that while Councillors are eligible to attend any Committee meetings, as non members, they do not have a vote.
As Deputy Mayor, I received an invitation to attend a meeting of the legal affairs Committee on September 13, 2017.
I showed up at the appointed time for the meeting which sole agenda was to deal with the alleged sexual abuse of a minor at the City Constabulary Regent St outpost on August 23, 2017.
After observing the trend of the meeting I stood up and voiced my opinion that no one in the meeting was a member of the legal profession or even close to being one and as such it’s my opinion that this case should be referred to the Office of the DPP post haste. My concerns were noted and minuted.
At the next meeting of the Legal Affairs Committee on September 29, when the Corporal and Lance Corporal were “cross examined” for want of a better word, by the Committee I again stood up and again stated that the Guyana Police Force and the office of the DPP should be called in immediately. I went on to state that the longer we took the greater will be the public fallout with the City Council when this gets out to the media.
As I recall, I went as far as to refer that the proceedings as a “kangaroo court” in my opinion.
I’d also like to mention that Councillors Welton Clarke and Bishram Kuppen voiced similar opinions to mine at the said meeting.
Needless to say, The rest is history.
I would now like to address the dismissal of Corporal Bhavegans by the Town Clerk.
It is my opinion that this is a wrongful termination of services of an aspiring young constable and brilliant court prosecutor for the M&CC.
How in God’ s name could Cpl Bhavegans report the sexual encounter between the officer and the minor when the said officer was, at the time, the duty officer in charge of the outpost !!
In my opinion Cpl Bhavegans did the right thing.
He waited for the shift to change at 7 am and then reported the incident to the incoming senior officer.
I would like to commend him for his common sense approach to the matter.
I would like to state that the above letter is my individual statement and I do not speak on behalf of the Mayor and the City Council
Lionel Stanislaus Jaikaran
Deputy Mayor
Municipality of Georgetown