English Does Mash Up Plenty Guyana People

‪by now you should know this
Guyana English is mash up business‬
put pen and paper in people hand or a smarty phone and you realise english is hardly we

‪”my little angle child”‬
‪”this event is for a good cost”‬
‪”I ant receive nothing”‬

sometimes i be chillin with my people and i might say like, let me have one of those
gimme one uh dem ting yuh gah deh
oh! is wuh yuh bin seh before
oh i been singing a song ah hear lass nite

women sensitive bout they language and real or imagined sarcastic

i is not dem low clause type women you know
i dont celebrate clause. what clause type women you be though?
you mekkin muck off uh me?
you look clean to me though
you eyes pass me you know. when you see me yuh hear me? when you see me doan see me
i beg your forgiveness

you could give a nice presentation self patting on back and all
and during the after presentation mingle a little lady approach you and go
you sounded nice and fancy wid yuh big hinglish an all but do someting fuh meh right. tell meh is wuh yuh bin sayin. you sound good but i ent andastan is wuh yuh seh


Guyana Islamic Community protecting “scholar” who rapes boys & intimidating the victims

this is sheer scunt going on hey
5 years later the police and the central islamic organisation of guyana are collaborating in denying this woman and her children justice
and i got a good hunch there are probably other victims out there suffering in silence
i dont give a shit if nezaam ali could recite the koran backwards he deserves death for what he has done

Child rapist neezam Ali, alleged muslimchild rapist neezam Ali, alleged muslim

in saudi arabia he would’ve
incidentally the head of ciog is in saudi arabia with president granger on the wahabi circuit and his wife remains the director of public prosecution
may death come quickly to these beasts who hold themselves up as holy
bismillāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm

today’s stabroek news
The mother of three of the boys allegedly raped by Muslim Scholar Nezaam Ali reported to the police a few weeks ago that persons have been taking photographs of her sons which she sees as an act of intimidation.Overcome with frustration and on the brink of tears, the woman expressed the belief that attempts are being made to drive fear into her and her children. She said what is even more frightening is that two months after the police announced that charges will be reinstituted against Ali in connection with the alleged rape, he is yet to make a court appearance.

Speaking to Sunday Stabroek last week she recalled that a few weeks ago, she saw a man on a parked motor cycle across from her home with a cellphone taking pictures of her sons who were sitting on the bridge leading to the house. She said that the man worships at the same Masjid that Ali is from. She said that there was another occasion when another man took photographs of her eldest son who was with friends a few doors from his home.

She said that her troubles began about a month ago when it was publicly confirmed that key pieces of evidence were missing from the case files which resulted in the detectives later visiting her home for her to sign copies of the statements that her sons had given prior to Ali being charged. “These two brothers does deh passing and teking it out with phone. The woman who is also a Muslim said that she was familiar with the men and knew that they attended the same place of worship as Ali.

Ali of 268, Section ‘C’, 5 South Turkeyen was charged in 2012 with raping nine boys.

The charges alleged that between December 2011 and January 2012, Ali, being a teacher attached to the Turkeyen Masjid, engaged in sexual activity with the children, abusing a position of trust. He was placed on a total of $1,300,000 bail.

The allegations of the abuse first came to light when the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA) received an anonymous tip and officials there began an investigation that led them to the boys, who were then between the ages of four and ten.

The police were inform-ed of the situation and after the boys were examined, Ali, who was employed with the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana, was arrested, released on station bail and subsequently charged. Ali was also sent on leave, pending the outcome of the case.

He was committed to stand trial in 2014. Shortly after the committal, his lawyer Nigel Hughes filed an action in the High Court to have the committal overturned. However this was rejected by the court and it was ruled that the committal will remain.

The woman said that following the photographing incidents she visited a police station where she reported to the ranks what had transpired. The ranks, she said told her that they will make a record of her complaint. “They telling me how I must be careful and a lot of nonsense”, she said, clearly frustrated.

However newly appointed `C’ Division Commander Calvin Brutus when contacted on Friday said that he made checks and the records show that no such report was made by the woman. He told Sunday Stabroek that he has since instructed a police sergeant to speak with the woman.

The mother repeatedly insisted that she raised the issue with the police and no action was taken.

She told this newspaper that she is dissatisfied with lack of action by the police and said she is weary of running around trying to get those in authority to take the matter seriously and act swiftly to ensure that Ali is tried for the alleged crimes he committed.

“I am losing it every day. I have never seen so much barefacedness, presumptuousness and injustice in my life”, she said.

Matter for court

Brutus said that the file is being “reconstructed” so that the matter can go before the court.

It was Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum who had revealed that charges will be reinstituted against Ali, a move which will result in a fresh Preliminary Inquiry (PI) being conducted.

“The DPP has instructed that we conduct further investigations and has given directives which we are dealing with and once complete we will be reinstituting charges,” Blanhum had said.

It was during a visit to the Supreme Court in January this year that the mother of three of the boys and an official from CCPA discovered that the birth certificates and medicals for the boys were missing from each of the nine files.

The DPP subsequently confirmed that the documents were indeed missing.

DPP Public Relations Officer Liz Rahaman had told this newspaper in March that on perusing the files and determining that documents were indeed missing, “advice was given to the Guyana Police Force for them to obtain copies of documents that were found to be missing.” Based on what Rahaman had said previously, this was done in February.

The frustrated mother had told this newspaper that it was a clerk who showed them the case files, but certain documents were not inside. Her boys are now aged 15, 13 and 11.

While fighting back tears, she had explained that it was on the insistence of a CCPA official that the collection officer (name given) at the Vigilance Court sent the files to the Supreme Court. She said that after realizing that the documents were missing, the clerk was asked what the next step was and he responded that the Regis-trar will have to make a note and send the files to the DPP. The woman said that based on her understanding the DPP would then send the files to court, but she was not told for what reason.

She also expressed concern about the DPP’s chambers being involved in the review of the matter given that DPP Shalimar Ali-Hack and Ali are from the same religious background.

The boys’ mother said that for months she has tried to get the attention of several key government officials. She has written to President David Granger but is yet to receive a response. She also visited the Ministry of Social Protection, while Volda Lawrence was minister and Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan, but got no help.

The woman recounted some of the cruel treatment her sons have endured since the alleged incident took place.

She said recalled that one time during fasting period she and the boys were at a city place of worship. She said that everyone was fed except her boys and when she inquir-ed she was first told that they could not get any food because they were not fasting. Subsequently, she said that the leader of the place of worship, told her not to bring the children back.

The woman said that this pained her because it was she who would clean up the dirty washroom and wash dishes; a job that she was not paid enough for. She said that many times, when it was time to be paid her wages, “they didn’t want to pay my price”.

She said that whenever the boys would attempt to visit masjids, they were scorned and shunned and added that the children are trying to live normal lives but it is hard.

According to the woman, when the police came to her home for her to sign the statement they said the one for one of her sons could not be found. She said too that she would like to have copies of the other two statements in the event that they disappear a second time.

“No action has been made in this matter suh they just making us a fool”, she said, adding that this is the first time she is seeing a case of this nature “teking all these twist and turns and go round”.

the green & yellow rampart encapsulating president David Granger

david granger is many things to all type of people depending on how and when you ketch dem
i dont know the man but i think i know for certain he is not blind or crazy. I think
ok he does wear spectacles
as it relates to crazy, i’ve had my doubts shaken a few times
pay raise, china harmony, parking metre, noel holder, volda lawrence, press conferences, jubilee, jubilee park, jubilee park spruce up, mashramani route, market vendors to name a few

i remember writing somewhere that the new paint job of the ministry of le presidency would start a tussle
and that was before the rampart even got started
now back to crazy
when i pass a day and see the green and yellow paint beginning to getting splash on i had one thought is dese negroes gone crazeeee?

I pass back a couple days later and confirmed that yea, negroes is gone crazeee but at the time I wasn’t necessarily thinking Granger 

back to blind

Granger works in this compound and i dont think he travels with blind folds on or his glasses off
so assuming all the other negroes is crazee ova deh suh and el commandante ain crazee like de res uh dem
why come? after the first splash of green and yellow david g didnt call SOMEBODY and go tell whoever the crazee negroe dat pick dis colour I SEH in de holy name of social cohesion it naah ah go dung suh. Tek it off an tek it off now!

I would like to think, that imaginary scenario never took place cause the building green and yellow. which would mean granger want it green and yellow which would mean negro gone crazeeee

ok. so you don’t ‘preciate me saying granger is gone loco
let’s play your game
granger is social cohesion and not crazee et cetera
the building is now yellow and green
stay with your game
not crazee being the boss in a building of a colour you dont approve but the colour remains the same
in harmony with sadness

Fast forward green and yellow is the new colour scheme
a new rampart takes shape encapsulating the general from the masses
is he bunkering down or is he being enclosed?
ramparts being painted yellow and green
is dese negroes gone crazeeee?

rewind to cabinet pay raise
and no you ppp idiot drones, everybody didnt get 50% raise
granger is a frugal man with veto powers over cabinet foolishness
how did pay raise happen for cabinet while cabinet members TELLING the people to hold strain?
blind, dumb and crazee

a new rampart takes shape encapsulating the general from the masses
is he bunkering down or is he being enclosed?
ramparts being painted yellow and green
is dese negroes gone crazeeee?

It’s raining and any day now I expect a bk tiwari hymac to turn that trench into a full styled moat

i said it dot com
run tell dat