Imran Khan versus Indian High Commissioner to Guyana Mahalingam Venkatachalam

social cohesion 101
Imran Khan lets Indian High Commissioner to Guyana, Mahalingam Venkatachalam know what’s up vis a vis the Person of Indian Origin swaree taking place in nuclear india
waiting patiently to see how this one ends cause straight haired negroes very sensitive about ANY form of criticism
including the current prime minister of guyana (no names)
and the big climb down Continue reading “Imran Khan versus Indian High Commissioner to Guyana Mahalingam Venkatachalam”


today in guyana – a mini bus driver tried to pass me

a minibus driver try passing me for a good while on a narrow road

when I finally allowed him to pass he stopped jumped out and walked to my door with menace

Imagine what happened next

two minutes later he jumped back in calmly and drove off

social cohesion 2018

Today in guyana – scent of a woman

I made a confused turn into a street that shall remain nameless

Normally they tell you don’t drive there

in the day time

I drive slow taking in the scenes

woman on corner baby in arms dancing


Women huddled around trays of snacks and knick knacks

Poverty comforts

Cigarette booze crack weed mints

Orange objects in a bag to be eaten

I drive slow watching out

And them watching back at me

Some delighted

Some horrified

Loud music is screaming from a box next to the poverty comforts

Some wave some mumble

Some should pleasantries

Off to the side

A Bevy o crack heads dancing to shaggy scent of a woman

A few more cocaine floating in their veins

Lost in their little heaven on earth

One entertains himself

Head buried deep in a half five gallon bottle

a few more sleep gently

Eyes wide open staring out

Looking beyond me

Through me

And up the heavens talking to god

And the neighbor next door

Who is also talking to god and not listening

Neither seems to notice

And not that it matters

Everyone seemed happy

Dancers and the ones talking to god

Poverty is violence

sometimes dancing to a sound track

Of a popular hit song

And it’s when they’re most free

You find them slipping deeper into bondage




Celebrating in the streets

Chronicling good life 2018

Be free

my president’s college people saving me from myself daily ;-)

y’all know how easy it is to get ketch when yuh think yuh hiding in Guyana
i jus remember this one and had to share
cause it still cracking me up
a very late night i been doing what could be categorised as the lords work
in and around georgetown
so after the last amen and aleleujah
was time to go home and ketch meh bed
as faith would have it the last obstacle was the red traffic light
i waiting patiently for it to change so nobody i know see farmer boy out late
final jeopardy song playing and everything
out of the blue and loud i hear
i was so startled i almost jump out de car and run
well i know it had to be me the person talking to cause i was the only other vehicle at the light
i ain gon call no name
but i looked over only to see a president’s college classmate waving her finger at me 🙂
i speed off straight home an ketch meh bed