rift valley restaurant, seattle washington

rift valley restaurant
2514 E Cherry St :: Seattle, WA 98122 :: (206) 816-3403


late night dinner – barranquilla colombia

dinner barranquilla colombia
my late night dinner special. when am really hungry i have one on the corner with the late night vendors who set up shop off the edge of the market during the night. and then i take another to go and most times wait til i get back home before eating it. am not big on boiled eggs but they seem to work for me in this instance.

being tropical i usually marinate all my food in a few pints of whatever perpper pepper r hot sauce i can get my hands on

i know i know. street food blah blah blah but hey am stilll here aren’t i? well for now at least

father & daugher – barranquilla colombia

father and daughter - barranquilla colombia

calle 34. barranquilla colombia. the guy was selling plants and brought his daughter along tending to her needs and playing with her while selling plants. very delicate with his baby.

her hat is very beautiful and so is she and she is in her own world with her playing and her father. oblivious to all the taxis and life buzzing by.

next time you hear that poor people lazy foolishness knock the person in the head

food – centro, mexico city

food zocalo mexico city 143
food zocalo mexico city 143

anyone who tells you street food is bad for you is recklessly endangering your life. listen to them and perish

can’t remember what they called this thing. but take one each lunch time. you’ll feel good about yourself

i found a lady selling this outside the fence on the right side of the cathedral [if you facing bldg]