is the AFC still unlocking Guyana’s potential?

nothing much to say here
was just browsing and saw the afc logo promoting something and the thought occurred to me
is the afc still unlocking guyana’s potential?
if yes
at what stage are they and what are the major accomplishments so far?
or have the unlocked it already and forgot to tell the rest of us?
or have they abandoned it all together?

i could roll the tapes and newspaper clippings pre is we time now
if you look at that logo again, you’ll notice the key is bigger than the country 🙂

My friends don’t treat me like they
used to
since I laid my burden down


Minister Cathy Hughes sitting on her hands – Jinnah Rahman #guyana

Even, after the President Granger appointed a SPECIAL Minister to sort out our main telecommunications and internet systems – citizens have not felt that dramatic shift that is necessary in the interest of customers and the economic development of Guyana – as whole.
GT&T has held the MONOPOLY of this country’s telecommunication system since 1990 – when the PNC government under Desmond Hoyte sold our assets to foreign companies, in an effort to salvage the economy after the death of Forbes Burnham.
Minister Cathy Hughes, an AFC executive member, has done very little to revolutionise the telecommunications system in Guyana – bringing it into the 21st, century. All we see – is her pretty face and lots of hot air, making us all look like fools. GT&T has carried her in “circles”. One has to ask : “how involved she may be in trying to deal with that company’s control of our communication system”? Continue reading “Minister Cathy Hughes sitting on her hands – Jinnah Rahman #guyana”

The AFC choice of words regarding PPP crimes in Guyana is most perplexing

the AFC now in a tit for tit with gang PPP over salary increases.
am hoping these afc boys & girls made a mistake on the word choice (the last three) of this paragraph in their statement

Our party is armed with cogent facts and statistics that would put the PPP to shame for giving its fat cats super salaries and perks for stashing away fabulous sums in secret bank accounts and causing the disappearance of vehicles and other state assets, all of which is coming to the public’s attention now with a series of revelations and disclosures. The AFC supports action to follow through these disclosures with recovery of state assets which have been misappropriated and prosecution where necessary.

not where necessary, in each case of misappropriation or stop locking up poor people now!

the people of guyana want to see PPP criminals in jail, not hanging about with big smirks on their faces and still living in taxpayer funded mandions.
expose the cogent facts and march them off to court and jail.
enough with the talking