You See Me Laughin’: the last of the hill country bluesmen (Mississippi Blues documentary – 2002)

You See Me Laughin’ is a personal journey into the lives and music of the last of the hill country bluesmen who’ve kept their music alive on the back porches and in the tiny juke joints of the Mississippi backwoods.

Director: Mandy Stein
Stars: R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Cedell Davis, T Model Ford, Bono (U2), Iggy Pop.


Vintage Delta Blues – 31 Tracks of Pure Blues

Tracklist : 00:00 – John Lee Hooker – Boom Boom 02:29 – Elmore James – Dust My Broom 05:22 – Leadbelly – On Monday 07:35 – Skip James – Devil Got My Woman 10:35 – Mississippi Fred McDowell – Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 13:11 – Bo Carter – Banana In Your Fruit Basket 16:20Continue reading “Vintage Delta Blues – 31 Tracks of Pure Blues”

is the AFC still unlocking Guyana’s potential?

nothing much to say here
was just browsing and saw the afc logo promoting something and the thought occurred to me
is the afc still unlocking guyana’s potential?
if yes
at what stage are they and what are the major accomplishments so far?
or have the unlocked it already and forgot to tell the rest of us?
or have they abandoned it all together?

i could roll the tapes and newspaper clippings pre is we time now
if you look at that logo again, you’ll notice the key is bigger than the country đŸ™‚

My friends don’t treat me like they
used to
since I laid my burden down

blues for walter scott – america was never america to me

walter scott shot dead by michael slager

America never was America to me
It never was America to me
There’s never been equality for me,
Nor freedom in this “homeland of the free.
Langston Hughes

Huffington Post: A white South Carolina police officer was arrested and charged with murder Tuesday after video showed him fatally shooting a fleeing, unarmed black man in the back.

North Charleston Police Officer Michael T. Slager, 33, can be seen shooting 50-year-old Walter Scott after a confrontation on Saturday, according to The Post and Courier. Slager chases Scott and shoots at him eight times in the video recorded by a passerby and obtained by The New York Times.