these 3 negroes, a guyana love $tory

these three negro criminals stole billions from the people of guyana under the ppp regime
one was president
one was loved by the president
and the other was a dancing sambo doing the bidding of the loved one
enter apnu afc
one is now leader of the opposition with solutions to EVERYTHING and addressed as “the honourable” in parliament
one owns the amazon warriors & look like the whole cpl league with your money of course & still selling drugs to the govt
and the last one was “sacked” from the ministry of health then reemployed by said ministry to coordinate a 1.6 billion dollar project
change is always good for those who can afford it
revolt while you still got life
cause these negroes WILL kill you
but you don’t have to wait for that joyous moment
if you love yself
act then pray
god is love


showdown in Linden – starring Carwyn Holland, Jonellor Bowen & Lennox Gasper

linden is never short on high drama and i when i say drama i really mean DRAMA 🙂
and today the town clerk was sent on admin leave
i got this in the mail which gives you some hilarious insight into the live soap opera going on in the mining town.


Lindengate – Part One.
Recently the Guyana Chronicle reported a break and enter of the office of Linden Mayor Carwyn Holland and according to the report, several security officers were on duty that night and it was the third such event at the Linden Municipality within the short time in office by the new council. Continue reading “showdown in Linden – starring Carwyn Holland, Jonellor Bowen & Lennox Gasper”


Nigel Hughes would not be fit to become President of Guyana – what is it that GRANGER is not doing that Hughes will do for the people of Guyana? He showed no sign that he is capable of holding such an office – as some commentators have suggested.

I suggested his best place n Guyana is to be the President of the Guyana Bar Association – which needs a HUGE stimulus to make it function in a modern society.
Surprisingly, Nigel played no role in making that LEGAL FRATERNITY work – even as an entity working in the interest of JUSTICE and FAIRNESS. That is the place he should operate – to make that body a voice of DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM. He must prove that he is capable of challenging the STATUS QUO. Continue reading “NIGEL HUGHES FIT FOR BAR ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT – NOT FOR GUYANA’S PRESIDENT”

ifa kamau cush NEVER had a contract with city hall – royston king forged & backdated agreement

update 14 feb 2006
evidence now bubbles to the surface to consolidate our position that this so called cuntract was a forgery as we said. the original was signed may 2016, not under some old council.

this hoax was exposed from day one but here is more documented evidence that fishbone in the throat cush and city hall never had an agreement
in an undated proposal from the 1990s [see entire proposal below] cush said he could provide parking metre services to the city
for whatever reason, this never went beyond this
royston king is a criminal who forged and backdated whatever ‘cuntract’ he is claiming was signed by the old council with cush
no wonder he cant show it to the council and the mayor refusng to present it to the public. these are fucking liars Continue reading “ifa kamau cush NEVER had a contract with city hall – royston king forged & backdated agreement”


donald trump fringe elements are all over this but it’s a must see. especially the segments on africa & haiti


CONFIRMED: Hillary’s Foundation Hid a $2.35 Million Foreign Donation from the Head of the Russian Govt’s Uranium Company that Had Business Before Hillary Clinton’s State Dept.—a Clear Violation of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Obama Administration Continue reading “CLINTON CASH OFFICIAL DOCUMENTARY MOVIE –”