You See Me Laughin’: the last of the hill country bluesmen (Mississippi Blues documentary – 2002)

You See Me Laughin’ is a personal journey into the lives and music of the last of the hill country bluesmen who’ve kept their music alive on the back porches and in the tiny juke joints of the Mississippi backwoods.

Director: Mandy Stein
Stars: R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Cedell Davis, T Model Ford, Bono (U2), Iggy Pop.


prisoners in concert @ national cultural centre #guyana

when one think of prisoners, music and concerts never follows. having been temporary prisoner myself on a number of occasions in this forsaken land of ours i could tell you music was the last thing on my #@^%& mind
i’ve been cordially invited/being taken to the cultural centre to see prisoners, yes prisoners, put on a musical concert tonight at the cultural centre.
my first impression and second even after seeing the billboard was which group of crazy Guyanese are now referring to themselves as prisoners? this was a private thought
to show how out of touch i am with the prisons of oh beautiful Guyana “Prisons in Concert” has been ongoing 20 years now. singers come from near and far. Mazaruni Prison, New Amsterdam Prison, Timehri Prison and the lovely Camp Street Prison to name a few.
prisoners are people too and family and most of them will come home one day
look out for a full review 🙂
who knows i might be tapping along to some familiar faces
familiar to me and you

Date: October 26, 8PM
Time: National Cultural Centre
Tickets: $1000 & $1500

over and across the pond mississippi-gawd-damn land sits the State Penitentiary at Parchman. there’s a whole body of work recorded in the prisons of the south where mostly CAPTURED Black men sang their misery and troubles away working on mr charlie’s chain gang. check out bertha sung at parchman farm. you can just begin to imagine a sliver of the terror they lived through
and if you check the history, a whole lot of our music was created in a bid to escape misery
and we know misery
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