Exxon Mobil paying Guyana legal fees in Venezuela border claims

this is of interest to me and should be to you all. this from a far left leaning venezuelan publication. they all on the same page when it comes to their spurious claims to essequibo

“Our national sovereignty is riding on this issue and it will be remiss of us if we are not prepared and all resources are not put in place. The actual amount is more than US$15M but less than US$20M. This is not the first time we are going this route as it was done with the CGX Energy and Suriname after the June 2000 incident with the Surinamese coastguard. The PPP [People’s Progressive Party] was then in office. This is nothing new. This is not a signing bonus, but rather we are garnering the resources to prepare for the case. This is a sovereignty issue,” the officials said.


5 guyana govt ministers visit exxon mobil head quarters to “talk”

A release from the Ministry of Natural Resources yesterday said that on August 10 and 11, 2017, Ministers Carl Greenidge, Raphael Trotman, Winston Jordan, David Patterson and Dominic Gaskin, together with Presidential Advisor, Dr. Jan Mangal, and Technical Officers, Teresa Gaime and Kiran Mattai, of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Guyana Energy Agency respectively, participated in meetings and briefings with officials of ExxonMobil Develop-ment Co. and ExxonMobil Gas and Power Marketing Co. at the company’s Campus in Houston, Texas, USA.

Exxon Asks: Is Guyana A 10 Billion Barrel Play?

During Exxon’s Q2 conference call management commented;

“This development is expected to cost $4.4 billion, resulting in a unit development cost of less than $10 per barrel and a projected double-digit return, even in a flat $40 per barrel price environment. The combination of high resource quality and proven execution capabilities applied in today’s lower-cost environment positions Liza for success.”

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List of Guyana companies qualified to provide services to Exxon Mobil

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To pacify the local black gold dreamers Exxon Mobil ran an add and I immediately fell out laughing. 

Whitey yuh too too cruel.

ExxonMobil is seeking contractors for support services for helicopter operations, maintenance and ground services. Also being sought are support services for platform supply vessels, multi-purpose intervention vessel and tanker assist tugs.

It is also seeking freight forwarding services such as packing, transport, clearance and expediting of materials to and from major international locations, Guyana and Trinidad. ExxonMobil is also seeking to rent or purchase offshore cargo baskets and containers. It is also in the market for the provision and inspection of lifting rigging and slings.

Exxon is covering its ass and you can never accuse it of not advertising locally 🙂

The advert further goes on to say, companies can be registered in guyana or any caricom country. Well is hey de laff get moe outta control.

There are two caricom countries with extensive oil & gas experience. One to the east and the other north north west and is business dem white people come fuh run not build your non existent local capacity.

I know of a local airline rep who received the stack of papers from Exxon to see if they might be able to offer Exxon something aviation side.

The chap hold he head & bawl. Page one eliminated dem from the race.

Watch dem locals oil and gas husslaz who see they lotta ticket blowing in the wind start holla & protest jus now. Negroes refuse to learn.

A new breed of local entrepreneurs will emerge to mop up the tears of the negroe oil dreamers.

The penultimate para from yesterday says

unless you plan on drinking petroleum channel your energies in creating and producing or you will perish after the dream is over

Look like nightmares are about to dominate the dreamscape in this sequel. 
dream architecture in turmoil
fear anxiety sadness despair distress
quickly leading to post traumatic stress didorder
but amidst the broken dreams
new possibilities emerge

Oneirology is a field rich for exploitation with numerous possibilities and permutations in this here Guyana.

look further down the horizon
beyond the rigs
open seas & blue skies
balance your competing interests
return to equilibrum or discover it

Big negroes dreaming of oil riches in guyana & the meek will inherit nothing

sweet baby jesus aside
the meek will not inherit the earth
if and when that accident ever happens the rich shall eat the meek
and the leff leff will be gobbled up by big negroes incorporated
for the meek to inherit they must display/use their power
we not there yet
guns and strategies win wars not prayers

as the meek pray big negroes dreaming and strategising on how best to get their hands on that oil & KEEP IT DEH
negroes like jagdeo wukkin over time as they now dont have political power
plan b
strife, internal disturbance, economic sabotage & chaos hoping to return to POWUH

I know nothing much of the oil & gas infustry but i do some occasional reading
cause as of late
every negro
straight & curly
they grand mummah and she dog is west texas intermediate experts
but most dese negroes do not read

According to energy research company Wood Mackenzie, the Liza field contains enough oil to break even at $46 a barrel in Brent, the international benchmark.

wednesday oil dipped below $43 a barrel and some industry analysts and experts see it headed to the $30s even
say what you will about fanatiques like todd gordon
these jokers eat sleep dream and study oil

chart of historic oil prices & events

if exxon break even is $46 and oil in the $30s guyana 2% looking thin 🙂
but there is a new king in saudia arabia waging war in yemen & blockading qatar as the gulf cooperative council take another stab at iran
russia still in the mix and who knows what gifts central asia has in store for the world

zbigniew Brzezinski might be dead but the grand chestboard is real
our local negroes arent even pawns in this game
they feature nowhere on the board

guyana is exxon’s geopolitical pivot to caracas
but leave it to big negro inc to convince the meek
glory days are round the corner at 120,000 bpd

students of Oneirology will tell you
the part of the brain that recognises self is shut down during dream state
observing big negroe inc salivating over this oil, it’s easy to see other parts of their brains not fully functional as well

unless you plan on drinking petroleum channel your energies in creating and producing or you will perish after the dream is over

in closing
dreams occur when the body is in a state called sleep
read that three times pause and reflect

Equatorial Guinea: Oil Wealth        Squandered and Stolen #guyana

manna from heaven guyana 🙂 sounds familiar?

The 85-page report, “‘Manna From Heaven’?: How Health and Education Pay the Price for Self-Dealing in Equatorial Guinea,” reveals that the government spent only 2 to 3 percent of its annual budget on health and education in 2008 and 2011, the years for which data is available, while devoting around 80 percent to sometimes questionable large-scale infrastructure projects. The report also exposes how, according to evidence presented in money laundering investigations carried out by several countries, senior government officials reap enormous profits from public construction contracts awarded to companies they fully or partially own, in many cases in partnership with foreign companies, in an opaque and noncompetitive process.