Exxon Mobil paying Guyana legal fees in Venezuela border claims

this is of interest to me and should be to you all. this from a far left leaning venezuelan publication. they all on the same page when it comes to their spurious claims to essequibo

“Our national sovereignty is riding on this issue and it will be remiss of us if we are not prepared and all resources are not put in place. The actual amount is more than US$15M but less than US$20M. This is not the first time we are going this route as it was done with the CGX Energy and Suriname after the June 2000 incident with the Surinamese coastguard. The PPP [People’s Progressive Party] was then in office. This is nothing new. This is not a signing bonus, but rather we are garnering the resources to prepare for the case. This is a sovereignty issue,” the officials said.


Big negroes dreaming of oil riches in guyana & the meek will inherit nothing

sweet baby jesus aside
the meek will not inherit the earth
if and when that accident ever happens the rich shall eat the meek
and the leff leff will be gobbled up by big negroes incorporated
for the meek to inherit they must display/use their power
we not there yet
guns and strategies win wars not prayers

as the meek pray big negroes dreaming and strategising on how best to get their hands on that oil & KEEP IT DEH
negroes like jagdeo wukkin over time as they now dont have political power
plan b
strife, internal disturbance, economic sabotage & chaos hoping to return to POWUH

I know nothing much of the oil & gas infustry but i do some occasional reading
cause as of late
every negro
straight & curly
they grand mummah and she dog is west texas intermediate experts
but most dese negroes do not read

According to energy research company Wood Mackenzie, the Liza field contains enough oil to break even at $46 a barrel in Brent, the international benchmark.

wednesday oil dipped below $43 a barrel and some industry analysts and experts see it headed to the $30s even
say what you will about fanatiques like todd gordon
these jokers eat sleep dream and study oil

chart of historic oil prices & events

if exxon break even is $46 and oil in the $30s guyana 2% looking thin 🙂
but there is a new king in saudia arabia waging war in yemen & blockading qatar as the gulf cooperative council take another stab at iran
russia still in the mix and who knows what gifts central asia has in store for the world

zbigniew Brzezinski might be dead but the grand chestboard is real
our local negroes arent even pawns in this game
they feature nowhere on the board

guyana is exxon’s geopolitical pivot to caracas
but leave it to big negro inc to convince the meek
glory days are round the corner at 120,000 bpd

students of Oneirology will tell you
the part of the brain that recognises self is shut down during dream state
observing big negroe inc salivating over this oil, it’s easy to see other parts of their brains not fully functional as well

unless you plan on drinking petroleum channel your energies in creating and producing or you will perish after the dream is over

in closing
dreams occur when the body is in a state called sleep
read that three times pause and reflect

Despite Difficulties, 60 Percent of Venezuela Has Free Healthcare – Maduro

“Health, it has to be said a million times, cannot be a commodity,” Maduro said Friday.

At a time when the new U.S. administration is seeking to get rid of affordable health care system put in place by the previous government, Venezuela has expanded its free health care coverage to more than 60 percent of the population, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has said.

During a speech marking Doctor’s Day, Maduro said with the addition of free, full medical coverage in the states of Vargas, Merida and Falcon, the service is now available in 15 of the country’s 23 states.

“Health, it has to be said a million times, cannot be a commodity. We have to build a healthcare system with a doctrine of human service,” Maduro said Friday.

Coverage is expected to be extended to the remaining eight states and the capital district by the end of April, said Maduro, who also presented 382 medical graduates with their degrees.


Exxon 1.4 billion settlement against Venezuela overturned by International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes

study this dispute and you will know why exxon is drilling for oil in Guyana. the original ruling was based on a ‘dispute’ between Exxon and the Bolivar republic over 1.5 billion barrels of heavy crude at operadora cerro negro, orinocco delta. this is circa 2007 when hugo chavez decided to nationalise his counttys resources. exxon ‘won’ 1.4 billion but was actually asking for 10 billion

Two major ExxonMobil-controlled projects were impacted in Venezuela’s Cerro Negro and La Ceiba, with the government compensating the company by paying the book value of its assets. ExxonMobil protested, arguing the government should have compensated the company for the market value of its assets, which was estimated to be significantly higher.
Of the 22 companies with nationalized assets only two opted for legal action against Venezuela – ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil 

Caracas, March 10 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan authorities welcomed the revocation of a decision taken by the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), which had ordered Venezuela to make a multi-million dollar payment to Exxon Mobil.

The new verdict, adopted by ICSID and upheld by the Ministry of Petroleum reversed the 2014 decision, forcing Venezuela to pay US$ 1.4 billion to ExxonMobil, as a result of the nationalization industry process promoted by the Bolivarian government. Continue reading “Exxon 1.4 billion settlement against Venezuela overturned by International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes”

infiltrator displays venezuelan flag infront Guyana Defence Force Lethem outpost

this is madness and apparently no one from the great security apparatus keeps track of these clowns
these are the same terroristas who came over with a boat load of armed soldiers on a mission of peace

guess the soldiers in camp kanuku too busy raping & harassing local girls to notice what’s going on on their perimetre fence.

translation: Because we are not afraid! and from an illegal Guyanese Military post in the Essequibo we reaffirm that Esequibo is Venezuela 26 Oct 2016