is the AFC still unlocking Guyana’s potential?

nothing much to say here
was just browsing and saw the afc logo promoting something and the thought occurred to me
is the afc still unlocking guyana’s potential?
if yes
at what stage are they and what are the major accomplishments so far?
or have the unlocked it already and forgot to tell the rest of us?
or have they abandoned it all together?

i could roll the tapes and newspaper clippings pre is we time now
if you look at that logo again, you’ll notice the key is bigger than the country 🙂

My friends don’t treat me like they
used to
since I laid my burden down


PAS Cargo Guyana Inc. just another parasitic “business”?

PAS Cargo Guyana Inc of 188 Waterloo Street, North Cummingsburg, Georgetown has retained Sase Gunraj to shake me down for $26,304

sweet baby jesus
it’s aleleujah time

i guess they’ve joined the ranks of parasitic guyana companies demanding money for non-performance

am chillaxing as per normale
and keeping my powder dry
until that fateful day in some guyana court of kangaroo

i had a friend back in the days
he always used to warn gringos

you fuckin wid the wrong mexican ese!

pas cargo don’t know my friend
and is about to learn more about me

don’t pray for your enemies
be victorious in battle

good night comrade ho chi minh

guyana police & soldiers allow cocaine planes to land in rupununi

the lowlife behaviour of many police, soldier, canu and others are endangering guyana
no doubt the pay is small, but you cannot allow plane loads of foreigners, cocaine & guns to flow freely under your nose

the plane above, like many others are a regular feature in the skies of region 9
police and soldiers and others were close enough to see this plane land
what happened next would defy everything in almost any other country
in guyana, the official story is, the men ran away
into the open savannah
and disappeared

keep on keeping on
dont change nuttin
exxon oil money in 2020 will solve everything
and they lived happily after
in their fantasies

5 guyana govt ministers visit exxon mobil head quarters to “talk”

A release from the Ministry of Natural Resources yesterday said that on August 10 and 11, 2017, Ministers Carl Greenidge, Raphael Trotman, Winston Jordan, David Patterson and Dominic Gaskin, together with Presidential Advisor, Dr. Jan Mangal, and Technical Officers, Teresa Gaime and Kiran Mattai, of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Guyana Energy Agency respectively, participated in meetings and briefings with officials of ExxonMobil Develop-ment Co. and ExxonMobil Gas and Power Marketing Co. at the company’s Campus in Houston, Texas, USA.