praying on the Essequibo crossing

the men on the boat had reasons to pray

  1. we were crossing the essequibo in the rain by speed boat
  2. some couldnt swim, but most importantly at the moment
  3. the lady in the third row bra straps were about to snap free any second now

the metal clips were stretched to capacity and hanging on for dear life

the lady sensed the uncoming danger
the men bowed their heads
eyes wide open
dear gawd
as we traverse the other half of this river
may our fortunes be bountiful and bright

CH&PA Board Member DHANRAJ SAMAROO has died

dhanraj-samarooCentral Housing & Planning Authority Board Member DHANRAJ SAMAROO representative of Rosehall Town Council passed away on Saturday 15th October 2016.

in the schizo world that we live in called Guyana when i first met Dhanraj first I was very suspicious of him
like i said, i’ll admit to living in various schizoid states being Guyanese but we became best friends for life
harikrshna as i like to call him is the only person who leaves 3 minute voicemails on my phone… REGULARLY! you know mark we have to do something

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safe travels Lord Canary with love Doctor Beckles :-)

king fighter does take this thing with a smile🙂

met canary a couple times and i must say he was a CHARACTER. realised after quite some months a friend of mine was buying produce from me for Canary.

NewsSource: Former Calypso Monarch of Guyana, Malcom “Lord Canary,” Corrica, passed away on Monday afternoon at the Diamond Hospital, where he was recovering from a stroke.
Corrica had served as a Minister of Culture and Member of Parliament under the Forbes Burnham PNC government, but it was his infectious calypso pieces that got all of the attention in Guyana and the Caribbean.