Office of the Prime Minister (imran khan) oust neil marks from Guyana Chronicle

24 days ago imran khan & the rise of the “new” negroe christian elite in guyana

the guyana chronicle is once again a tool in the hands of a few deceptive negroes
giving an appearance or impression different from the true one; misleading.
“he put the question with deceptive casualness”


imran-khanThe Guyana National Newspapers Limited has today parted ways with Sunday Editor, Neil Marks. While this decision is regretted, the Management as guided by the Board of Directors found it necessary in order to protect the newspaper. Despite the obligations and responsibilities assigned to him in a senior position, Mr. Marks’ actions on more than one occasion seriously compromised the production of the newspaper . It is imperative that GNNL, at all times, guard against the impairing of the critical service it provides as a public service media house – additionally, a dedicated team of persons work beyond the call of duty to ensure the Guyana Chronicle is on the newsstand every morning. It is untenable that their work and that service are jeopardised by the actions of one individual in a senior position.

Editor-in-Chief Mr. Nigel Williams will oversee the editorial responsibilities for the Sunday edition until a substantive Sunday editor is named. GNNL wishes Mr. Marks well in his future endeavours.

24 days ago

the new negroe is a soldier
of fortune
in the lord’s army
the old negroe on the other hand is a fortune hunter
a looter and a plunderer
fortune as in chance or luck as an arbitrary force affecting human affairs
smiled upon the new negroe may 11 2015
from the old negroe he’s inherited an opportunity to build up his war che$t
they both share fortune as their holy grail
“wondrous but not explicitly holy”

neil marks was ousted because he disrespected a few new negroes by nt doing what he was told
but the new negroes had marks in their cross hairs for removal a good while now

we’ve entered the era of negroe triumphalism

when bank employees in guyana start getting shot, yuh gon hear de howlin

when bank employees start being identified and shot for setting up robberies yuh gon hear de howlin
I said it, quote me
guyana bank for trade and industry, Scotia Bank, demerara Bank, New Building Society, republic and citizens bank employees have been setting up robberies for a long time and they ought to be shot
they are fucking parasites

we can solve many of these staged robberies in a few weeks
start back at the bank
identify the employees who were engaged in the transaction
identify all employees who have knowledge of the transaction
scan the security tapes and see who are hanging out in the lines and lobbies of these banks
look at security tapes from outside of the banks and look for patterns in the parking lots and streets at the time the robbery victim left the bank
in no time you will come up with a list of persons to be shot

and all this is not to negate friends, families, co-workers etc who are also part of these criminal activities

identidad : somos negros de la costa :: oaxaca mexico

am going to write more on mexico and more particularly oaxaca
back in 2006 i was in oaxaca for something we wont discuss right now🙂 and was quite pleased at the reception i received
a family even put me up in their house to live
the skin colouration of this part of mexico was quite dark and different that the other ‘mexico’ but i was there for other matters and didnt take time to explore the coastal region
at the time i had no idea that an afro mexican community was a few clicks down the road towards the pacific