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white power lives on in Guyana

couple days ago i went into a place and took a seat
pass three waitress along the way and take a seat
black professional looking chap sitting there and gets served eats and leaves
i am sitting 5 feet away from him
time passes
white man comes in and takes a seat
instant menu and service
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another minibus massac – Jerry is dead

my friend just call me to report another minibus massac
i dont call these things accidents they are not
and this one is ugly like the rest before
nismes west bank public road
one dead. mangled bodies everywhere
jerry is dead
underage driver working on a license bought from the guyana police force
this must end
we must stop it

it’s only the other day we were talking about this thing again and he scribbled six points we ought to discuss with the new commissioner acting and the traffic chief Continue reading “another minibus massac – Jerry is dead”

Safe with ‘Oligarchs and Imperialists’ in US, Brazil’s New President Admits Coup Plot

I decided not to wait until next Wednesday to share this latest revelation. Rosaliene Proponents of her ouster argued that former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was targeted and ultimately booted from office for budgetary wrongdoing or, ironically, corruption. However, the unelected new President Temer admits that ousted President Dilma Rousseff wouldn’t enact austerity roadmap, so […]

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